LFS Technologies’ Premium Flush Joint Connections Now Combined with CLS’ GlassBore® System

LFS technologies® is pleased to announce that in collaboration with Composite Lining Systems we are now able to offer their GlassBore® system to our 3 ½” LFS FJ-BN® & 3 ½” LFS FJ-HT® connections.  A perfect solution for corrosive applications requiring a premium flush joint connection.



Composite Lining Systems is pleased to add the WedgeRing® to the list of options for adapting the GlassBore® system to a variety of premium connections.  Our customer now has the advantage of using an unmodified premium connection to join GlassBore® tubing or casing.  Lower price and greater simplicity round out the benefits to WedgeRing® users.

This connection is not over-engineered and requires very little maintenance or meticulous and time-consuming measurement upon installation. It is easily repaired or replaced and is highly affordable.  The wedge-shaped glass-filled PTFE ring compresses between two sturdy molded flanges across the connection to insure against corrosion of exposed steel surfaces.

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