Premium Connection Update: Patent Office of Canada issues LFS FJ-HT® Canadian Patent 3,093,607 on August 10th, 2021


In 2019, LFS Technologies & Team pioneered to design a true flush connection with 70% tensile & 90% compression efficiencies, the strongest premium true flush joint connection in the market.  This product would be the ideal product for wellbores with slim hole or downhole clearance issues as experienced in re-fracking & re-completion operations.

LFS Technologies & Team took a different approach from the beginning by defining and setting objectives based on industry best performance criteria in tensile, compression, & torque.  This unorthodox method required equations to be derived to describe performance & their inherent relationships.  This approach took center stage throughout the design process.  Each individual thread element was evaluated & determined based on impact to performance & to achieve developing the strongest premium flush joint connection on the market.

Special LFS FJ-HT® thread characteristics:

  • The pipe achieves both a 70% tensile efficiency and a 90% compression efficiency.
  • Square thread profile for efficient load transmission
  • High Torque Flush Joint connection
  • Cylindrical run-in and run-out threads for maximum connection strength
  • Taper and threads per inch selected for minimum turns to shoulder
  • Coarse thread profile for better durability
  • Double shoulder connection with external and internal shoulders to maximize Make-Up Time (MUT)
  • Optimized tensile-compression-ratio connection
  • Connections for an outer diameter of 3.5 inches, and a minimum yield torque of 5500 ft-lbs.
  • Connections for an outer diameter of 4 inches, and a minimum yield torque of 8400 ft-lbs.

To meet LFS’ high expectation for superior performance with 70% tensile and 90% compression efficiencies, this premium connection would need to be a high-torque, gas-tight, true flush that was durable & dependable. The design resulted in a modified square thread profile combined with a steep taper to reduce make-up time and improve running efficiency, the LFS FJ-HT® premium connection.

On September 15, 2021 the U.S. Patent Office granted our application and issued as U.S. Patent 10,774,959.  Now we are pleased to announce the Patent Office of Canada on August 10th, 2021 issued Canadian Paten 3,093,607.


About LFS Technologies, Inc:
LFS Technologies distributes premium flush joint tie back liners, as well as all associated accessories for the oil and gas industry.  LFS Technologies, a 100% U.S. owned corporation in the forefront of technology, specializes in products where slim hole and downhole clearance issues need to be addressed while re-fracking and re-completing existing well bores.

Our Products
Our Premium Threaded Products are of superior quality steel liners for horizontal, vertical and directional wells in need of reconstruction. These liners allow for the life of these wells to be extended while causing a smaller environmental footprint and eliminating the need for drilling new wells.

Our Services
Our Services span every oil and gas resource play throughout the United States. Through our third party a­ffiliates and contractors, LFS has the capability to support clients in the field and at the threading facility.


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